DVR - Crimson Cabernet
     Crimson Cabernet 2012
    Crimson Cabernet 2012
FIRST LEAF - August 2012

Planted on April 20, 2013 shows vines
four months later. Irrigated vineyard
in a very dry year. Note Roundup
strip with perfect width. Ramrod
straight trunks, no disease, uniform
growth with 100 take.
Trellis and irrigation were all installed
before planting vines.
Spacing was 10 feet between the
rows and 8 feet between the vines
under the trellis.
SECOND LEAF vineyard. All vines
showed excellent uniform growth.
Like its Cabernet parent, Crimson
Cab is an orderly, stately grower
showing none of the rampant growth
habits of Norton. Yet like Norton all
vines showed no particularly
unusual susceptibility to any vine
The vines were allowed to bear a
small crop of a few pounds per
vines. All displayed the broomstick
straight trunk so typical of this vine.
LEFT: THIRD LEAF Crimson Cabernet
has also responded well when
grown on VSP systems.

RIGHT: THIRD LEAF Crimson Cab is
very easy to train since its canes want
to droop downward. The absence of
Norton's rampant growth makes it
easy to curtain which ensures
excellent light, air and spray
exposure. Like Norton the berries will
hang till frost without disease
problems under normal conditions.
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Augusta, MO ...3rd Leaf.... May 15, 2015 - Uniform vines ... Ramrod straight trunks.
Shoots and flowers before opening in spring of 2014
Hermann, MO ... 3rd leaf Spring 2013 ... Very rocky limestone soil
3rd Leaf harvest from
one acre vineyard