The fact that you are reading this book means that you are, or are about to become, a
serious grower of vines from a unique family of grapes. There is nothing else like them.

They represent the culmination of a centuries-long search for the viticultural
Holy Grail ,
vines that would have the disease resistance and winter hardiness of the best American
Norton combined with the superior wine quality of the European Cabernet Sauvignon.


Over the last 150 years, various growers, and institutions have tried to breed Norton with
other grapes to come up with better varieties. No one succeeded. There was not (until now)
a single commercial Norton hybrid. The same was true for Cabernet Sauvignon. No one
(until now) had success in making any commercially viable interspecific crosses with

Norton and Cabernet were two grapes that proved to be almost impossible to successfully
breed with other vines, and the task of trying to breed these two unwilling parents together
seemed likely to be quixotic, or herculean at best. One Midwestern state has sadly devoted
14 years and over two million dollars ($2,000,000) trying to cross Norton with Cabernet,
with no releases yet in sight.