Go for the Gold - Guide for Making Gold Medal Wine
Go for the Gold, “a Guide for Making Gold Medal Wine” is designed for the
serious professional winemaker who has the resources and the desire to
make world class European style dry wines. This is not a book for the
amateur, the half-hearted, the incurious, or the indiscriminate.  There are a
slew of books on the internet that serve that market. It is also not a textbook
which lays out multiple wine making methods while not taking sides.

Go for the Gold is an opinionated, no-nonsense, guide through the jungle
of winemaking based on over 55 years’ experience winning numerous Gold
Medals in all major national competitions as well as a Gold Medal from the
International Wine and Spirits Competition awarded at the British House of
Commons, in London, England. The authors’ wine was also selected as a
Gourmet Magazine Wine of the Month, and won a Gold at the only National
Norton Festival ever held.

Go for the Gold  always gives the names and contact information for the
preferred suppliers of any of the products it recommends … as well as
pointing out those to avoid.
When it comes to making dry white wine, in particular, Go for the Gold is far more than a “guide”. It is rather a
map though a mine-field where one misstep can turn gold into bronze, or worse.

In the end
Go for the Gold also does what no book has ever done before: it guarantees that if you follow its
directions you will win Gold Medals at any contest you enter.

Filled with a wealth of new information including a chapter on making French style Rosé. Bold, direct and easy to
read with an abundance of pictures and illustrations,

Go for the Gold is a must-have vade mecum for the serious professional winemaker.
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