Becoming a Licensed Grower   

What is DVR
DVR owns the only successful collection of Norton/Vinifera crosses in the
world. These grapes include crosses (made near Davis, California from
1996 to 2002) with Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and sixteen other Vitis
Vinifera varieties from such diverse locations as Portugal, Spain, Greece,
France, Hungary and Kazakhstan. There are over 25 unique and different
vines now being tested in DVR experimental vineyards. These include
grapes that are suitable for making white wine, rose, red wine and Port.

This collection really represents an entirely new family of vines based on
breeding the best of European Vitis Vinifera with Norton, the best
American wine grape.

All of these grapes are new and unique and are protectable with plant
patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent has a 20
year term.

Becoming a Licensed Growers
DVR is interested in locating a select group of growers throughout the
nation, from California to New York, to grow and develop this exciting new
family of grapevines. As of the spring of 2019 there were licensed DVR
growers in 29 states from coast to coast and from the Canadian border to
the Gulf of Mexico.

All growers who purchase DVR vines will become “Licensed DVR
Growers.” This will entitle them to be at the front of the line in buying
existing varieties and to be given preference when ordering new varieties
as they are released.  In addition each grower and winemaker will
become a part of a select group with common goals.

A Select Group with Common Goals

1. We have an accepted style, i.e., both Cabernet crosses make first
class dry red wines. We will avoid the “identity drift” that has hampered
the acceptance of other excellent varieties when the same varieties have
been used to make dry wines, semi-dry wines, sweet wines and even
fortified desert wines.

2. We have
grower communication to assist in all aspects of growing the
vines to make sure that each planting is a successful one.

3. We have
assistance after the sale. The staff at DVR has almost 100
years of grape growing experience with almost every wine variety grown in
the US.

4. We have
cooperation not competition among growers and
winemakers. It is in every one’s best interest to work together to achieve
marketing success for these vines. We are a minute part of the giant wine
world and will probably never directly compete with one another. Good
publicity for one of us, is good publicity for all. Cooperation is key.

5. We
fully share what we know. There is always an open invitation for
any grower to visit a DVR vineyard. Modern technology also makes
possible the rapid transmission of pictures over cell phones and the

Much More than a Breeder and Nursery
DVR is much more than grape vine breeder and nursery. We realize that
we must also assist in achieving recognition and publicity for these new
varieties. We are not interested in selling a few experimental vines here
and there with the hope that in years to come these vines will achieve the
recognition they deserve.  We are seeking growers who will make a
serious commitment to growing DVR vines and making quality wine.

A One Thousand Gallon Commitment
We are seeking those growers who will participate by growing at least
one acre of any individual vine. From a winemaking standpoint this is
almost the minimum needed for making a representative quality vintage
of wine. It also allows for the production of a commercially meaningful
amount of wine.

Prices and Terms

Thus, we will accept orders of 600 vines or more for any one variety.

The price of vines for the Spring of 2020 is $3.50 per vine, plus 45 cents
royalty fee. One third due at time of order, one third due on March 1st and
balance to be paid at time of shipment.

All licensed growers will agree to a non propagation agreement. DVR is
committed to enforcing the patents on these varieties which in turn will
protect the investment of the licensed growers.

Plants for the Spring of 2020

Demand for DVR vines has been high since many growers are replanting
Vinifera lost to virus diseases, as well as weeding out obsolete French

For the Spring of 2020 we will have green growing plants for both
Crimson Cabernet and Cabernet Dore' and a limited amount of dormant
vines which are generally reserved for shipping to the west coast.

Green-growing plants will arrive in “pots” as opposed to plants that were
field rooted in the previous year. The green-growing plants are actively
growing from the day they are planted. You do not have the lost lag-time
which can be from one week to 10 days that you have with
dormant plants.

We have planted dormant cutting and green-growing plants next to one
another and in most instances by season's end we have noticed no

Open and Transparent

A non propagation agreement will be sent to the prospective licensed
grower for his or her consideration prior to the culmination of any orders.
Technically this is not necessary since the vines are patented and can not
be reproduced by anyone, but the agreement spells out in non legal
language what is expected.

Tips on Planting Vines

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