DVR - Tasting Notes
Tasting Notes:

Mid January 2010 tastings of 2008 and 2009 vintages.  The 2008 vintage was
harvested in late September and the 2009 in mid October due to a very cool

Crimson Cabernet 2008

Aged in used French oak for 10 months. Could easily have spent another
year or more in oak.

Color: Very deep crimson red. No purple. Bright.

Nose: Cassis, dried cherries, very berry, some cedar, Christmas nose,
some evergreen, constantly changing kaleidoscope.

Taste: Great mouth feel, full bodied, clean, spicy, food wine, very French,
hints of rosemary, blackberries, currants. Exciting.

Cabernet Diane 2008

Color: Gorgeous color, like a 1st growth Bordeaux, rich deep garnet.

Nose:  Violets, blueberries, intense serious bouquet, earthy, like terra cotta.

Taste:  Huge attack. Big, rich, hit by fruit up front. Great food wine especially
with roasted meats. Want to sit and spend time with this wine.

Zinthiana 2008

This wine was ready to drink and sell when only a few months old.

Color: Bright crimson, dark red rose pedal.

Nose:  Peppery nose, currents, some cedar, complex, not grapey, hint of figs.

Taste:  Initial attack is like fireworks, like a Zin made in Bordeaux, a more
complex version of Zinfandel, delightful, charming.

Cabernet Doré 2009

Color: Yellow gold.

Nose:  Tropical, concentrated, persistent, immediate, dried pineapple and

Taste:  Big surprise on the palate, full, yet nothing austere. Pineapple on the
palate, but way down hints of allspice and nutmeg, occasional whiff of

White Norton 2009

Color: Yellow with hints of green

Nose:  Baked apple with spices, some apricot.

Taste:  Full bodied like a white Bordeaux from a first growth.

White Cynfandel 2009

Color: Yellow green

Nose:  Very much a Sauvignon Blanc that has been tamed with Semillon.
The most spicy of all the whites.

Taste:  Great body and mouth feel, yet the finish is pleasant and not cloying
like that of so many big Californian wines with this much body.